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Gongxiang Dream Yuan Wang participated in the Hong Kong “Belt and Road” food exhibition

6.27th – 29th, the first “Belt and Road” International Food Exhibition was held in Hong Kong. Gongxiang Dreams Wang was invited by the Hong Kong International Food Exhibition Organizing Committee to participate in the Hong Kong “Belt and Road” International Food Show Hot Challenge and with international names. Mr. Shi Wei Wenda gave his skills on the same stage. The conference aims to create new opportunities in the global food industry.

 IMG_9683 IMG_9793

Mr. Yu Wenda, the international celebrity chef, and Mr. Wang Qiang, the general manager of Gongxiang Mengyuan, exchanged the secret process of making chickens in a corner.


After Mr. Yan Wenda tasted fresh chili sauce and topped chicken, he gave a high evaluation.


At the end of the challenge, the World Chefs Association hired calligraphers to write on the spot and present a generation of kitchen gods.


American merchants can sign a letter of intent after learning about the tasting products.


Mr. Ye Changchun, the President of Hong Kong, introduced Singapore foreign businessmen to discuss cooperation.


Hong Kong catering business invited my company to do technical guidance on sauce and braised pork products


2018 Hong Kong’s first Belt and Road International Food Show, the hot challenge, is nearing completion. Under the overall environment of the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy, the Hong Kong International Food Exhibition Organizing Committee will adhere to peace cooperation, openness, tolerance and mutual learning. The concept of mutual benefit and win-win, leading the internationalization of food, the public fragrance dream firmly believes that the future food industry must develop better.

Post time: Jul-04-2018

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