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What do you know about black garlic conservation techniques?

Before we formally understand the preservation method of black garlic, let’s first understand the basic knowledge of black garlic!

What’s black garlic?

Black garlic, also known as fermented black garlic, is a food made with fresh raw garlic and fermented in a fermentation box for 60 to 90 days. It can retain the original ingredients of raw garlic, and the trace elements in black garlic are high in content., taste sweet and sour, no garlic taste.

The high nutritional value of black garlic and the taste of “sweet, soft, and waxy” are gradually being recognized and recognized by people and are gradually moving toward people’s lives. There is no garlic odor after eating, and it has antioxidant and anti-acidizing effects. It also has curative effects on diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and cancer.

So what do you know about black garlic conservation methods and techniques?

Black garlic generally needs to be stored in a dry and cool place. The best storage of black garlic is the refrigerator. The standard store of black garlic

Post time: Aug-10-2015

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